[WORKING] How To Install Freedom App For PC – Freedom APK Latest Version

Freedom App For PC: Are you an intense game lover?? Struggling to find a way to avoid in-app purchases of your favorite games?? Want to do some manipulations to your apps in device?? Then here is an answer to all of your questions. With Freedom Apk you can be able to hack in-app purchases for most of the offline games without even spending a penny. Freedom Apk allows you to remove frustrating ads and also you can unlock all the premium features. Some of the premium features include purchasing unlimited gems, unlock newer levels, and enjoy super upgrades. Check out about downloading freedom apk for Android in this post.

Freedom App uses a fake wallet account to perform all the in-app purchases. Using Freedom Apk is like a cake walk. In-app purchases become free when you launch or open any app or game using Freedom Apk. You just need to click unlock premium features, and the app will handle the rest of the things. Most of the game lovers love to play the game with almost no ads and premium features. So in general if you want to enjoy all these things you need to pay for the game.

Everyone cannot be able to afford to pay for the game. So Freedom Apk is one of the best and free solutions for all those game lovers who want to enjoy games with unlimited and premium features. So today I am going to share “How to download Freedom Apk latest version for PC.”


  1. You can be able to get premium upgrades for free of cost.
  2. Grab unlimited coins, gems, etc.
  3. Enjoy your favorite game with no ads at all

Another important thing that needs to be noted is that Freedom Apk works only on rooted Android devices. So your device needs to be rooted to have all these features. If your device is not rooted, then Freedom app will not work on your device. For most of the special apps, your device needs to be rooted. So once if you root your device, you can enjoy many special apps.



Download Freedom Apk for Android

  • For installing any android apk on PC, you need to have an android emulator. So the best Android emulator is Bluestacks. You can download it from the official site.
  • Now you need to have Freedom Apk. The latest version of Freedom app is 2.0.4. You can download it from Here.
  • Once the download of Freedom app is completed, you need to install it. Before installing you need to head over to Settings -> Security -> Unknown sources (press OK).
  • Install the app using Bluestacks it takes some time. Now open the app from Bluestacks apps menu.
  • Launch Freedom Apk and search for any of your favorite game. Once you find them then simply tap “Premium features, ” and that’s it you will be playing your games with unlimited coins, gems, and upgrades.

This is one of the easiest methods to install Freedom Apk on PC using Bluestacks.


  1. Before starting you need to have an application “Apk Downloader.” You can find it in the Chrome extensions. You need to download it.
  2. Once you finish downloading you should download Android Device ID. This Device ID should be placed into the Apk Downloader app to start downloading.
  3. Now simply dial *#*#8255#*#* and then it will be redirected to GTalk Service Monitor. There you will find JID= your email id and Device id= android-id.
  4. Now head over to the chrome >> Tools >> extensions >> Apk downloader >> description >> link to option pages >> enter the options >> type in your email address as well as password and finally device id >> click login button.
  5. When all this is done, you can be able to download Freedom Apk directly from Google Play Store. Once you click download, Apk downloader starts downloading Freedom Apk.
  6. By doing these, you can download Freedom Apk officially from Google Play Store. Now you need to install it using an Android emulator.
  7. Open Bluestacks and perform the installation.
  8. After the installation completes Freedom, the application appears under apps menu.
  9. Open the app and enjoy the premium features.

So, this was all about the Freedom App and how to Install Freedom APP For PC. If you are having any difficulty in getting Freedom on PC, don’t hesitate to tell us in the comments section. We will provide the solution. Thanks for reading.