Download Freedom APK Latest v2.0.9 (Official Website) – 2019

There is no doubt that you can do a hell lot of interesting stuff by rooting your Android device from overclocking the processor to cracking games and apps. Now, if you have rooted your Android phone and want to do some crazy stuff like cracking games or free In-App purchases, then it’s time to install the Latest Freedom Apk on your phone. Do you play games like Subway Surfers or Temple run? Well, the chances are that you want to buy all the things available in the game, but due to lack of coins, you cannot do that.

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Also, you don’t want to spend any money on buying things in a game so what to do? Well, it’s time to try Freedom app and do absolutely *Free* In-App purchases. There are more than 2 Million apps and games available to download right now but have you ever wondered how the developers make money from them? You might think of ads. No! Most of the apps and games have In-App Purchases meaning you have to spend some real cash to enjoy all the features of that particular app or game.

Freedom App lets you make free In-App purchases, and the only requirement is that your phone needs to be rooted which is not a big thing as everyone knows how to root a phone. Now, since this app lets you do cracking or patching kinda stuff, it is pretty obvious that this app is not available to download from the official Google Play Store. But, we are here to help you out. We are providing the latest Freedom App to download, and there are no surveys or whatsoever. Just click on the download button, and that’s it. The apk file will start downloading.

So, time to say No to those annoying ads or surveys. We know that these surveys suck as they waste your precious time and also, sometimes there is no file and you are only making money for that website owner.


Freedom Apk Features

As mentioned above, Freedom App lets you do the amazing thing from your rooted device so you should know about all the things that you can do with it. Here are the amazing features of Freedom App –

  • Want to get free gems or coins? Try Freedom and there you have them.
  • Freedom lets you bypass the In-App Purchases, and so, it will let you make free purchases of things in the game.
  • You don’t need to buy the full version of any app. Just use Freedom, and you are all set to go.
  • The app is regularly updated by the developers so that it is compatible with every new app or game. Also, we regularly update the download link so that you get the latest apk file.
  • Want to remove ads from any app or game? Download Freedom Apk Directly. 
  • The App uses many mods and patches to exploit apps and games.

Aren’t the features offered by the Latest Freedom App amazing? Well, what is more, surprising that the fact that this app is available to download Free.

App Name Freedom
Main Purpose Free In-App-Purchases
Latest Version 2.0.6+
Last Updated On 20 April, 2017
APK Size 1.7MB
Minimum Android Version Required Android 2.3+
Root Required Yes
Downloads 5,00,000+

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Now, for every App, there are some minimum requirements. So, here are the requirements for the Freedom app –

  • Android 2.3 Gingerbread or Above – For the Freedom App to work on your smartphone, it is necessary that you should have atleast Android 2.3 Gingerbread running on your phone. If you are running on any android version below it, this app won’t work. It is hard that it fails to work on Nougat so better if you try it on Lollipop or marshmallow or earlier versions.
  • 512MB RAM or Above – RAM is one of the main things that are considered when we run any app. The more the RAM, the better the performance (But this doesn’t mean we will add 8GB RAM to phones). To run the Freedom APpp on your phone, make sure that you have atleast 512MP RAM and above.
  • Your Phone should be ROOTED, or this app won’t work – A rooted phone allows you to do things that you cannot even imagine doing with the non-rooted phone. Freedom App is a root app so it will require Root. Make sure your phone is rooted before trying this app.
  • At least 100MB free space should be there in your phone – RAM is not the only thing that is the reason for a better performance. There should be some minimum space also so that an app runs without any hassle. So, to run the Freedom APK without any hassle, make sure you have at least 100MB free space on your phone.


Well, this is something that you surely need to read. If you are one of the thsoe guys who are concerned about the privacy of their phone, then it is better to check the permissions that are required by Freedom App for Android. Here are the permissions  –

  1. INTERNET ACCESS – Ok, this is pretty simple one. Freedom APK can work without the internet too but sometimes, when it needs the internet, you have to provide access to it
  2. MODIFY SYSTEM SETTINGS – Since freedom apk works only on rooted phones and we know why, it is necessary to keep in mind that this app can modify the system settings in order to make it easy to do free In-App Purchases.
  3. KILL BACKGROUND TASKS – Might sound weird but this app requires permission to kill the background tasks.
  4. GET ACCOUNTS – It can access the accounts you have on your phone.
  5. WRITE EXTERNAL STORAGE – The Freedom app can write external storage.
  6. REBOOT DEVICE – Sometimes, it asks for the user to reboot the phone so to reboot the phone from inside the app itself, you have to provide it the permission.
  7. INSTALL,  FORCE STOP PACKAGES – If you are installing something, this app can force stop that or install any package.


Download Freedom Apk for Android

Now, since you are aware of what Freedom app for android does and what should be the minimum specifications of your phone to install this app, let us talk about how to install the Latest Freedom App on your Android phone. The installation steps are damn easy, and you don’t need to do any extra stuff. Just make some little changes in your Android phone’s settings, and that’s it. You can then easily install the application. So, are you ready to get free gems, coins and everything from your favourite game or app without spending any real cash? Well, let’s see how to install the app –

  • First of all, go to the Settings of your phone and then go to Security. There, the first thing you need to do is to turn on ‘Unknown Sources’ option. No, there won’t be any virus or something like that in the app that we are providing. You have to turn this option on only because you are installing an app from outside of the Play Store.
  • Now, once you are done with this, download Freedom Apk file from the Download button given below. As mentioned above, there are no surveys or ads, and this is the direct download link to the file.

Download Freedom APK

  • Assuming that you have downloaded the file, next thing you need to do is to head to that file and install it as you do for the other apps.
  • In a few seconds, the Freedom app will be there on your Android device, and you are all set to do some crazy stuff.


Now, since you have the Freedom app installed on your phone, you must be figuring out how to use it and make free In-App purchases. Well, here are the steps –

1. First of all, open the Freedom App by tapping on its icon.

Freedom APK Free In-App Purchases
Freedom APK Free In-App Purchases

2. Then, a popup will be shown to you that will ask you to grant Root permissions. This is very important steps so don’t try to skip it. Just grant the root permissions and the app’s interface will open.

3. You will see all the installed apps that you have on your phone at the moment.

4. Select any app or game from which you want to make free In-App purchases and then click on the app name and wait for a few seconds.

5. Once that app launches, just go to the store of that app or game from where you can buy coins or gems. just click on Buy Now button and you will see that the payment will be done for free.


Wasn’t that super easy? Well, many users say that they get the ‘No Connection’ error in the Play Store when they try to make in-App Purchase to here is what you need to do –

  • Download a file explorer that let you edit the system files. We will recommend Es File Explorer as it is the best in this task.
  • Now, go to the Root Directory of your Phone and there will be a folder named ‘System’.
  • Open it and then open the folder ‘etc’. There, you will find Hosts file.
  • You need to edit that file and add the code below to it – localhost

Save the file. Once done, go to Settings > Apps > Google Play Store and then Clear the Cache and Clear the Data as well.

  • Lastly, just reboot your phone and the error will be no more.

Download Freedom APK


Now, this is an obvious thing that if you are downloading an app that is not there even on the Play Store, then there are some questions that arise in your mind. For Example, you might get a file infected with virus etc. So, here are some of the questions that we will answer. You Can ask more via the comments section as we will always help you.


Sadly, no! This app requires a rooted Android device and rooting your phone isn’t a tough task actually. There are a ton of guides on how to root android online that you can follow. So, a rooted phone is one of the requirements for this app.


Of course there are. Some of these include apps like Lucky Patcher, Game Killer, XModgames, Gamer Hacker and much more.


Now, there are two answers for this – Yes and No. This app is surely harmful if you download it from an untrusted source as they might give you a file infected with dangerous malware or virus. But no, this is not harmful if you are downloading it from a trusted source like our site which provides the file directly from the developers.


Yes, freedom app lets you make free in-app purchases and it is completely free of cost. There are no In-App Purchases in the app itself.


Well, that was all about the Freedom App & How to Download Freedom Apk ( Freedom APK Download), its requirements, how to install it and how to make Free In-App purchases. We also covered how to fix the annoying Play Store error.
If you are still finding difficulties, then just refer to the video that we have attached below. Make sure to let us know if you face any problems while using the app in the comments section. We will try to fix that if we can. And yes, everything has its cons so this app might have some bugs. We will be updating the post regularly with the latest app file so stay tuned.


Here in the video below, it is thoroughly showed how you can make Unlimited Free In-App Purchases by using the Freedom App for Android. Make sure that you like this video and subscribe to the channel as this guy makes some amazing stuff.  Also, don’t forget to share this on social networks. This will help us. Have a Good Day.